Soon one year will have passed. Although already out of the the spotlight, victims still suffer from lack of jobs, infrastructure and housing, loss of earning members of their families, nuclear contamination…

Please take a minute to see the new information.Thank you for your kindness, the victims’ needs are still vast!

Here’s a list of non-profits I beg you to consider donating to, (you can read why here )

  1. To support JRC operations in favor of the victims of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident
  2. Directly to victims: money is distributed to people in need through the committees set up by local governments (see below “Akai Hane” for another way to make direct contributions to be distributed through these committees)
  3. To support general activities of JRC (link only in Japanese)

Find here some heartening stories

  • Akai Hane: it is a national organization of community charity funds. Each municipality has a local committee, manned by volunteers, which oversees distribution of help, ascertains necessity and allocates priority. Come back to this link if you check the information on their English page and then can’t find the donation link in English.
  • Amazon: one of the coolest private initiatives is this page at Amazon Japanese site, where NGO’s can make whishlists for things they need. You pay for them and they get sent to them, as far as I know free of delivery charges. The page is in Japanese BUT click on any of the lines and you will be directed to the list of a given NGO. Normally the nature of the items will be revealing of their mission (diapers, strollers, rubber boots…) What’s more, once you pick one item, you will have a link near the top of the page saying “click to see this page in English” and you can make it to the checkout!
  • Second Harvest: provides food for orphans, homeless, refugees…
  • AMDA: this medical doctors’ association operates a makeshift hospital in a high school gym in the stricken area. They are raising funds to cover tuition fees until high school graduation for 15 students from this school interested in following medical studies. One of my favourites! Sadly, they don’t seem to be getting enough funds for this worthwhile project lately…
  • Peace Winds: this international non-profit has a sizeable Japanese chapter, and they have a Relief and Recovery Fund. I like their focus on restoring livelihoods and jobs.
  • AAR conducts operations centered on elderly and disabled people, please check their site to see the awesome job they are doing

Thank you for your generosity!


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