History is always told by the winner. Not here. Cindeurella, knowing that the ball is over and she is about to loose everything she had taken for granted, has realized that her most important asset, her name, is not necessarily lost yet.

She has decided to tell her own tale in these delightfully drawn pictures, some of them even lavishly colored and to offer them to you free. Now, how’s that for unselfish pursuit of common good?

If you had a childhood you have been told how hard her chores are. The blog is still starting and it may progress at a slow pace at times, as the stepsisters ask more and more demanding tasks from her. Please be considerate and don’t demand too much from her. Don’t abandon her either: you’re her only source of solace. Just subscribe to email updates and visit when there’s something new. And if you have some kind friend who would like to lend a shoulder to a weeping child, tell him or her to drop by here.

As for me, I try to help her out, but I am nobody (check it out if you don’t believe me) I also have a job that I hate and some insatiable stepsisters there. I do what I can.


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