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Spanish saving banks: the dark night of the (faithless) souls

Knowing that much depends on confidence on the side of the markets, the Bank of Spain took a much protracted measure on February and lifted a bit the veil that covers the assets of Spain’s financial system. Some details were … Continue reading

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If you can’t beat them… feed them!

On February 4th, the Treasury published its 2010 annual “Foreign Exchange Report” to Congress, where, according to the law that mandates it, it must consider “whether countries manipulate the rate of exchange between their currency and the United States dollar … Continue reading

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Growing pains

A typical European childhood is marked by regular torture sessions at the hands of this most overrated of French writers: Saint-Exupéry. His “Little Prince” is so overwhelmingly praised above its squalid merits that any resistance becomes futile. One just has … Continue reading

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