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Collect call – a visit by creditors goes horribly wrong

The markets payed a call on Europe but the masters of the house, Cindeurella and the Prince, were both on vacation at different low cost beaches. They were ushered to a waiting room by the doorman, an impressive gentleman of … Continue reading

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Growing pains

A typical European childhood is marked by regular torture sessions at the hands of this most overrated of French writers: Saint-ExupĂ©ry. His “Little Prince” is so overwhelmingly praised above its squalid merits that any resistance becomes futile. One just has … Continue reading

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The biggest show in the world

Back in my student days, I would marvel at the stupidity of our elders. These articulate and self-assured authors of my textbooks had it all figured out and it was simple indeed!

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A superhero’s job: rolling back liquidity

It’s a classic idea everyone has sooner or later: “Hey, why don’t I just take this really complicated toy apart and try to fix it?” There is no reason why you should be doomed to fail from the start and, … Continue reading

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solo sailing

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Blowing problems out

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