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a tireless adventurerCINDEURELLA

You all know her, now follow her!





Meet these fabulously bizarre and pretentiously excentric people, all airs and no money, always on the lookout for a bailout, ready to stage a strike for more vacation or some layouts. They just can’t suck it up! And the world’s got hell to pay for their ailments…


Trichet: He won’t be there long, but so far he’s the ECB’s President. He’s everything Fedman can’t be, and the opposite holds also true. A European gentleman, elegant, soft spoken and with a French accent. There’s word he has many offers to star in a bunch of TV series for aged housewifes. At the moment he’s stuck with this ECB thing, but we think he’s got a bright future as Maurice Chevalier’s successor. Contrary to most of the members of this cast, he can do better.

Angela: She will be in charge of Germany until the next election. Also here.




Carla Bruni: She’s the only one who doesn’t need an introduction here, but in case you insist, she’s the best person ever to impersonate the spirit of the French Republic: An intelligent supermodel who can sing and who’s not French! Click on her to follow France here.

Sarko: He’s Carla Bruni’s husband




Toreador: A symbol of… well, yes, Spain




Leprechaun: It’s not his fault, he’s Irish!




Generic tenpin: He can be any of the small guys. No dissing anybody here but, after all, does anybody know what’s the national costume of, say, Belgium? See?




Uncle Sam

He’s almost as well known as Carla. He’s been feeling uneasy lately, as he sees the economy is in danger and has the suspicion that Fedman and Tim might not be up to the task by themselves. He is considering joining the rank of the superheroes too. He toyed with the idea of “Captain America” but thinks it’s is too pretentious for these times of crisis. He’d rather use some less pretentious nom-de-guerre, something like “Private Sam” or “Sergeant US”


A mild mannered university professor, presides the Central Bank of his country. Seeing the danger that Dr. Deflation and other super villains posed to his nation could not be fought by conventional means, he donned the robes of a superhero. He found in young and inexperienced Tim a willing sidekick and a surprisingly vitalizing influence in his mid-age crisis. It is an unlikely partnership and sometimes, when he rests after a tough day battling the markets, he wonders if he’s not too old for this kind of story. But he always snaps off these gloomy thoughts with the realization that life is short. Let’s kick some butt today too, Tim! He just wishes he could have found someone equally young and inspiring, but more… prone to thought.

Tim Geithner

The indefatigable partner of Fedman, always ready to risk the Fed’s independence or the taxpayers’ interests to protect the law (of the richest) His academic background is far less impressive than Fedman’s but he makes up for that with youthful  impetus (i.e: doesn’t know much but talks a lot)


2 Responses to characters

  1. markdrawnout says:

    Re: Tim Geithner. If he’s a known political figure, I don’t know him, as we have to look hard here in America to find news about anybody else but us. But since he’s the quasi-Batman Fedman’s sidekick, I wonder if you knew that Batman did have a sidekick named Tim Drake (one of the Robins after Dick Grayson)?

    I just Googled Tim Geithner, so there you go. Now I know. (How shameful that I didn’t know he’s my own country’s Secretary of the Treasury?!)

    • Outis says:

      Hi Mark, congratulations on being the first commentator on the most important toon blog on economics of the millennium!

      Don’t worry about being more or less up to date on the freaky stuff here. Thank DOG there’s people like you who produce real things, if we were all to blabber all day long about money, who would feed us? Still it is important for “the people” to keep an eye on these things, since they are determining your economic fate and you are supposed to have a say. I am very happy you dropped by, I kind of hope to reach out to people out of this circle, but I reckon my posts are a little outlandish to interest real human beings… I’m working on it. Well, at least you got to meet Timmy today. Not bad.

      I intend to slowly create a gallery of regulars and mix them with more sporadic appearances. I think recurring characters are a good way to make a blog coherent. This is, if I ever keep on doing this, I might choose to get a live instead.

      Superheores are always a good way to connect with “the people”, but I have to acknowledge I didn’t to my homework on this front in my childhood. Thank you for the information, how shameful that I didn’t know my own character?. There’s a new post coming out tomorrow and I would like you opinion on the drawing. There must be a lot of ways to improve it, since it’s crappy on so many levels… At the moment I am dabbling with pencils, but the technique is elusive, I can’t control line thickness properly. Any tips as to tools/ techniques? I only have a Sakura pen brush at the moment. I hear great things about the Pentel, but couldn’t lay my hands on one yet. Sizes?

      Thanks a lot for comments and happy new year!

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