Soon one year will have passed. Although already out of the the spotlight, victims still suffer from lack of jobs, infrastructure and housing, loss of earning members of their families, nuclear contamination…

Please take a minute to see the new information.Thank you for your kindness, the victims’ needs are still vast!

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Severing Ties

hang on!

“Severing ties with sovereigns is easy. Happens all the time here, when a client forgets to take it off…” – anonymous guillotine operator, Paris 1789 Continue reading

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unrequested opinions

Last week, EUS Euro shifted slightly its course, three degrees to North by Northwest, right in course of collision with the icebergs. Continue reading

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Collect call – a visit by creditors goes horribly wrong

The markets payed a call on Europe but the masters of the house, Cindeurella and the Prince, were both on vacation at different low cost beaches. They were ushered to a waiting room by the doorman, an impressive gentleman of a much lordlier bearing than his employers. Continue reading

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Euro debt relief relay race: last runner crashed by the baton!

After an heroic resistance, the ECB has finally had to capitulate and reach (once again) beyond its constitutional mandate, by restarting its Securities Markets Program, this time to acquire Spanish and Italian bonds in the market. Continue reading

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Euro debt haircuts: a question of style

Cindeurella needs a radical change of lifestyle and, as any girl worth her iphone knows, the crucial hurdle is getting the right haircut. A properly styled girl will come by anything she needs, effortlessly. And a girl can need a lot…

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Badwill Fund

I was in my office, minding my own business, when the lady got in without knocking and sat down on the client’s chair. I almost cut two toes with the switch blade knife I was using to get the dirt out of my nails. It’s a great tool: more features than a 50 year old hooker at half the weight of a Swiss knife and less than a tenth of it’s price. Continue reading

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Nuclear: too expensive to bother

The tragedy at Fukushima has sunk a territory named the “island of fortune” into a dark futuristic nightmare, compounding three other catastrophes that successively hit the region (a monster earthquake and a tsunami, followed by an unseasonal blizzard) Continue reading

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How to help – choosing projects

Here’s how I picked the projects I beg your generosity for: Continue reading

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A recurring impossibility

Esau sold his birthright for a dish of lentils. It seems we will throw it to the garbage against a false promise of somewhat cheaper electricity. Continue reading

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